Entering Godís Kingdom

Luke 13:1-5, 8-35

November 10, 2005



Entrance doors are essential for gaining access to our houses and buildings where we work and visit. Most public buildings have one principle entrance. Similarly there is one entrance way into Godís kingdom. Jesus is quite specific about how we enter Godís kingdom and what itís like. Jesus Himself is the door into Godís kingdom. Entering in requires certain attitudes and willingness to change and grow. Letís see what we can learn from Jesus in Luke 13 that will help us be sure to enter Godís kingdom and grow in it.


Luke 13:1-5

13:1            The people who reported to Jesus about the Galileans must have had some expectations

about what Jesus would say or do when he heard about this. What do you think they expected
Jesus to say or do?

13:2            What is your answer to Jesusí question? Why did you answer this way?

13:4            How would you answer Jesusí second question? Why?

Think about the long span of history and what God is trying to do to restore peopleís
relationship to Him and save them from eternal destruction and give them life. What important
principles is Jesus laying out for us in His questions? (Hint: Romans 3:21-23-24.)

13:2, 5         In light of what God is trying to do to restore the relationships between people and Himself,

why does Jesus give His listeners this ultimatum?

What are the consequences of not repenting? From Godís perspective, why are these consequences justified?

Thinking back to our discussion of 13:4, how is God being fair in His treatment of everyone? (Hint: Acts 17:30.)

How is repentance a prerequisite to entering Godís kingdom?
Think of some ways that Jesusí teaching about these tragedies can help us understand Godís presence the world today.


Luke 13:18-20

Thinking about these two parables, what do mustard seeds and leaven have in common in terms of their effects and the nature of Godís kingdom Jesus is telling us about?

Is Godís kingdom a place, a time, His influence, His reign, or several or all of these? Why do you think this way about His kingdom?

In what sense is Godís kingdom in the history of the world like a mustard seed that blossomed into a huge plant?

In what sense is Godís kingdom like the mustard seed growing into a large plant in your own life?

How does the influence of the kingdom grow in your own life?

How can you cultivate your spiritual growth in the kingdom?


Luke 13:21-35

13:24f       Jesus mentioned a small seed, leaven and now a narrow door. He

encourages us to enter Godís kingdom by ďthe narrow door.Ē What is this door
all about and why do you think Jesus describes it as narrow?

13:25-35  What are the consequences to not entering through the narrow door?

How do Jesusí explanations of the kingdom reflects Godís
love and His call for a response to His grace that opened the door to His
kingdom? What place does repentance have in relation to the narrow door?


Paul Birston

November 2005©