Getting Ready for Jesus

Luke 12:1-12, 35-40

November 1, 2005



We’ve all spent time preparing for special events in our lives or the lives of friends and family. Meeting Jesus is a special event. Christians meet Jesus in many ways: through the Word , through immersion in water, and in His people. We prepare to meet Jesus as we enter eternity. This will be a very special event for which we must get ready now. In Luke 12, Jesus gives us very powerful teachings that can help us get our priorities straight as we live with Him now by faith and prepare to meet Him in eternity.


Read Luke 12 and think about these questions from verses 1-12

12:1             What are some things that can make us hypocritical believers?

Why does Jesus want us to avoid hypocrisy?
12:2-3         How do Jesus’ words about revealing secrets help us to:
cleanse our inner thoughts?
think and act as we ought to in tough situations?
prepare to meet God?

12:4           Why is it that people are prone to fear one another?

How can this cause problems for us spiritually?

12:5            What power does God have?

What are some positive aspects of the fear Jesus describes?
12:6-7      You are valuable to God. Why does Jesus want you to know this in the context of the dangers
of life and pressures from your peers who do not believe in God?

12:9-10      What happens when you tell others that you believe in Jesus?

Why is important to place our standing with God in heaven above our standing with people here on earth?
How does telling others about Jesus make you like Him in His telling the world about His Father?
Who and what can we count on if we faithfully testify about Jesus?

12:10            Why is blasphemy against God’s Holy Spirit so serious?

12:11-12      What principle is Jesus giving us that we can use to strengthen our confession of Jesus today?



12:35-36  What are some characteristics of servants?

How are the attitudes and preparations of servants and slaves appropriate for disciples of Jesus?
What are our “clothes” and “lamps” that we need to keep ready today?
12:37-38  What blessings will come to faithful servants of Jesus?
What humbles you most about Jesus as a servant?
What is the point of the watches?
12:39-40  What spiritual habits can leave us unprepared for Jesus’ return?
What are some things about Jesus’ return that are
Why would God not tell us the date of Jesus return?
What are some things we should keep in mind when we hear others predict the time of Jesus’ return?
Why does God want us alert?
When should we be ready to meet Jesus?
How can Jesus’ return help us keep things in perspective?

How can Jesus’ teaching about His return relieve anxiety and bring us peace?

Paul Birston

November 2005©