Watching for the Sign of the Son of Man

Luke 11

October 25, 2005



What are some common events people try to predict or anticipate by watching for signs today?

Give an example of a sign you have watched for.


Read Luke 11

As you read, notice the subject matter of Jesus’ teaching and the people to whom He is speaking.

What stage of His ministry is Jesus in as He is teaching here in Luke chapter 11? (hint 9:51)

What groups does Jesus seem to be in conflict with in this chapter?


Read & reflect upon Luke 11:29-32

What seems to be the problem that Jesus is speaking to in these verses?

Why does Jesus say “This generation is a wicked generation” (“evil and adulterous” in Matthew 12:39).?

Why do you think Jesus’ generation was seeking for signs?

What sign does Jesus say they will receive?


Read & reflect upon Jonah 1:1-3-17 & 3:1-4-10

Thinking of Jonah, what two signs, or more, do you see working in Jonah’s situation? Which one was intended to confront the people of Nineveh?

Describe the “sign of the Son of Man” and what it says to the people of Jesus’ generation.


Read & reflect upon 2 Kings 10:1-10

Who is the Queen of the South and What did she do to deserve the role Jesus gives to her?


Looking at Our World Today

Describe some ways in which our own generation could be described as “wicked” or “evil and adulterous”?

Is this a fair way to characterize a whole generation? Why/why not?

What signs are people looking for today?

What is a Biblical view of the times we live in? (Hint: Eph. 5:16)


Looking at What God Is Doing in this Passage

What do you think God is trying to do through Jesus and His teaching in Luke 11:29-32 for those who are listening to Jesus?

Which people would likely take Jesus’ words to heart? Why?


Looking at What God Is Doing Today

What does the sign of the Son of Man say to our generation?

Who are the Queens of the South today?

Who are the people of Nineveh today? Think about some ways that the sign of the Son of Man can free you:

          from worry

          from superstition

          from compulsive habits

How can the sign of the Son of Man, the preaching, teaching, and death, burial and resurrection of Jesus help you prepare for the judgement of which Jesus speaks ? What are some really positive aspects of being prepared?

Paul Birston

October 2005©